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Unselect unused Content Items in metadata option

Hi - I am trying to figure out a way to speed up pdf creation. I am getting about 16 per hour. the process I am using is fairly straightforward. I have a pdf input - basically in my template all I am doing is adding a blank page for the address and then outputting the pdf. It seems as though I should have more output per minute.

On the Create Job plugin there is an option to either check or uncheck the option - Unselect unused Content Items in Metadata option. Currently it is unchecked. Would it help to maybe check this option. I am not sure how this would effect my process.

Thank You!!

Have you tried checking the Pass-through PDF resources option in the OutputPreset?

That would most likely improve the speed as the original PDF is untouched and not re-ripped.

ok thank you. I will try this now. One question - I am currently using the default PDF only prompt output setting. Can I change it on that without any changes to everything else using the default setting or should I create another output setting?


Once you make a change, it will ask you to rename it but you can use the same name and overwrite what you currently have.

You might want as well to go in your Server Configuration and look at the settings you have for Merge and Weaver engine.

ok thank you - using the pdf pass through helped increase my out putput to approx. 22-23 per minute. From 14-17.