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Update data records performance

Hi all,

I have to develop a workflow for one of our clients, that we are trying to implement in PreS.
For input we have 2 data type:

  1. PDF`s
  2. CSV

The desired outcome is printing the PDF’s with information added from the CSV.
The trick is that there’s no extraction of information from PDF`s in order to keep the record ID(outputted by workflow) and afterwards get back to workflow with Update data records with the same value as record.id.

On the other hand, there is a matching ID between both data type.

My question is, if there is a possibility of updating data records, based on a different id rather than record.id, as described here


Hi fsh22,

My immediate thought is that unless your PDF has a name which contains the record ID (for example april_letter_A1234.pdf where A1234 is the record ID) your going to struggle to associate the PDF with the record ID.

There are some other possibilities around doing things like preprocessing the PDFs which i would recommend discussing with your Local Support team if you haven’t already done so.