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Updating an input elements value fails on second run



I have a form that builds a table dynamically at launch. This table contains a number of rows with an input element that has a unique ID set against it.

I have a secondary script which runs to populate/ update this field based on a variable gained from a count of other select elements that are set to ‘Yes’ launching the form works fine and the scripts run and the input’s are all populated as expected.

The issue is when I change a select and need to update the variable in the input’s in the table the scripts then fail complaining that they are returning a null object for the element ID, which is odd because it found them all on the first run.

Is there an issue, has anyone seen this before or is the system just not capable of doing this?

Any suggestions welcome. I can post my code if anyone wants to pick at it.




To help you properly we would need to see the Template and reproduce the issue. I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website.