Updating node.js and node-RED

I’m new to node.js and so went ahead and pushed the “easy” button to get node-RED up and running using the stack installer on the OL Resource Center page. The description of the stack installer mentioned that it “…always installs the very latest package available on NPM”. After installing it I see that it’s running on node.js 12.13 and node-RED 1.2.6. Both of which seem to be a bit back of what I see is available on the npm package site (16.11 for node.js and 2.0.6 for node-RED).

To get the latest versions would it be best to try and upgrade what the stack installer created using the published instructions? Or would it be best uninstall and start over with using an NVM tool for Windows to manage the node.js and node-RED install and update process?

Just wondering which would be the best/most supportable way to ultimately keep the node.js and node-RED environment up to date.


Yep, sorry about that, I was a bit premature in my instructions for the installer. The next release (coming very soon!) will be installing the latest versions of both NR and OLCNRS. In the meantime, however, you can simply use NVM to update both.