Upland Open a Ticket website is not working

you cannot pick a ticket form (used to be Objectif Lune)


Can you share the exact link you use to get there?


it has resolved itself as of this morning. please close the ticket

Necroposting this year-old thread.

It’s a couple of weeks I can’t open a ticket as originally reported by @jkornit, is this a yearly bug? :grin:

If possible, can you clear your web browser cache and try again please?

@jkornit, sorry late to the thread.
I recognised this issue at one time. The way I could go arround it was to use different browser, not ideal but gets the job done. It could be some browsers interpret the html elements ‘slightly’ different.

Tried without success.
Browser involved: Firefox 121.0 (64-bit

Had to use Edge to open a ticket.