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Use bot with Connect


Have you had experience using a Bot with Planet Press Connect? specifically what we want to use is a bot that extracts data from a PDF file that is not editable and then it generates a CSV from where we can take the data to generate different outputs (PDF, Mail, SMS, etc.)

Not sure what you mean with “Bot”, but what you describe is exactly what the DataMapper is used for, except that you don’t need to go through the intermediate CSV step, since all the data will be stored in a uniform data model that you can then use to generate paginated output, emails or web pages.


The case that you comment I understand, is what the DataMapper is prepared for, what I say is when a PDF is not editable (you cannot read it) because it is a scan or a photo, where the DataMapper cannot read the source file, then we depend on an external application such as ABBYY FineReader or an OCR application

Tesseract is an open source OCR application that can be called from a Workflow process with the Run External Program task. I played with it briefly a few years ago with some success, but I honestly don’t recall how complex the setup was.

Perhaps someone else on this forum can chime in with their own experience.