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Use Retriebe items and convert metadata to XML

Dear All,

I Execute Data Mapping to get “recordID” in Process 1.

and I want to use the Process3 to get output XML data.
How can I design the step 4?

and the Process3 result is similar with Process2 result.

Why I need use it? because I need to get some information in datamapper.
But datamapper model design in loop (Repeat), so I can’t get the info from metadata.
Output type:XML can get datamapper model design in loop (Repeat).

I don’t think this is possible. Perhaps someone else was able to do so?

You might consider to write the (metadata) output of the Retrieve Items Workflow plugin to a XML file by applying the following VBScript code to a Run Script Workflow plugin but please keep in mind that in this case the XML data will look different then when choosing the Output Type option XML for the Execute Data Mapping Workflow plugin, applied to the Workflow process Process1.

Set MyMeta = CreateObject("MetadataLib.MetaFile")
MyMeta.LoadFromFile Watch.GetMetadataFileName
MyMeta.Export "C:\out\MyMeta.xml",0

Source: ‘PDF input, export to XML or CSV - Objectif Lune Tech Support Self Help (link)’

Hi @Marten,

the method use CreateObject(“MetadataLib.MetaFile”) to Exoprt XML data.
It can not get the table variable (datamodel table in datamapper ) in the XML data.
It only have basic field variable. How can I get table variable in this function ?