Use temporary re-activation as backup

Hello guys,

We are having an issue with our production machine, the one that has the print server installed. So we won’t be able to work unless we change the license to another computer.

I wanted to ask you if it’s the right way to get a temporary 7 days license to use it as backup while we fix the issues with our production machine. Or what path we should follow?

Thank you very much!

The 7 days license allow you to directly get a new activation, valid for 7 days, which you can apply to your replacement server. After 7 days, it is over though. This was setup so critical environment didn’t have to stop for long while following the re-activation process.

If you fix your problem before the 7 days expire and turn back on your production server, then you should be good. However, if you expect the fixing to take more time, or to close to 7 days, I would suggest you contact your reseller to trigger the activation replacement process or you can contact our customer care.

Hi Hamelj,

Thank you very much for the response. We are considering to migrate the software to the new machine, so I have to fill the activation form I guess, right?

I’m having an issue with the machine I installed the new software, it’s an azure virtual machine. I realized that after deallocating the machine, the magic number changes.
What we could do in this case?

Thank you very much!

You could read this post.

If that doesn’t help, I suggest you open a support ticket through our website. A technician will then be able to help you in regards to your specific environment.