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User service WorkFlow

When starting Planetpress Workflow on the server, I get the following message.

The user who is opening WorkFlow is associated with the service, but the message still appears. Would this be normal?


This message appears because it detects that the user running the Workflow Configuration tool is not the same as the user running the service. If you believe that this is incorrect, then it may be an anomaly.

This being said, this can usually be ignored provided that you follow the recommendation of using an account with administrator privileges. The only time it should really matter is if you are accessing shared folders on another server, in which case both accounts (config and service) will need access to the shared folders.

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Hi Marcvia,

This can happen if the services credentials have been applied using the user@domain.com syntax. Even though it’s the same account, it can fail to be detected as such. Applying credentials for your services using the “domain\user” syntax should solve the problem.


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Friend thank you very much! Your tip helped me with another problem I was having on the system!
If I live in Brazil I would send you a gift! Hahahha!

Thanks!! :smiley:

For future reference

The screenshot shared by @Marcvia contains the following warning message:

You are not logged on as the user associated with the PlanetPress Workflow services.
Some permissions and configurations may mismatch.

Marten, thank you so much.
The solution presented by Jouberto worked or has already been resolved