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Using NodeJS Server Input to download and upload files


I am trying to download a zip file and the http request xml file from a distant REST server.The URL to the REST server is as follow: http://ppressurl/api/invoices/createinvoice.

I am using NodeJS Server Input as recommended in the documentation, using the following action: api/invoices/createinvoice

I get the attached error. Any idea? I am unable to get any file by simply using the createInvoice action.
Any idea?

The goal is to receive the zip file, extract it, get the xml data in the zip to create a PDF and a control file. Then zip both the pdf and the control file and send it back to the REST server.

Any ideas?


As stated in the online help, you can’t specify a path in the HTTP action field.

In your case, the action name should be api, which therefore becomes your main entry point. You should then use conditions inside your process to determine if any sub-paths have been specified in the url (you will find those subpaths stored in <SUB> elements inside the XML request file that launches your process).

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Thank you Phil. It worked like a charm.