Using page number /page count in scripts and creating user defined page counter


How to check the value of page number and page count and create a customized page counter in the master page (that I can increment or reset based on the real page number)?


Hello Farid,

We are currently looking into it and will be back to give you answer shortly. It is currently not possible to use the built in page number object to do this but their might be a way of doing it using a script. Will reply once I know more.

Thank you

Francis C

Hello Farid,

In v1.0 it is not possible to reset/restart page numbering or use a custom page number format. In v1.1 one can use Control script to specify which sections should restart page numbering. Control scripts run before the merge process take place. We plan to introduce a UI for it in a future version, including the page number format (e.g. use Roman numbers).

Hope this is of some helps,

Francis C

Thank you Francis. I hope in the future version we’ll be also able to assign the values of page count and page number to variables.


Is there a way to get the total page count and is there instructions on how because I could use some help on this.

Thank you
Judy C

Hi Judy,

As you can imagine, things have changed a lot in the 4 years since this post was first made. You’ll find two buttons on the main toolbar in Connect Design, one that inserts a placeholder for the current page number of the section and another that inserts the total page count of the section.


In Design view, you’ll only see those placeholder characters. But in preview or at print time, they’ll be parsed into actual values.

If you want continuous page counts across all or mulitple sections, you’ll have to do a little bit of Control Script magic. Thankfully that’s well documented here:

Hi AlbertsN,

Thank you for your quick reply and I wish we used Connect Design but we don’t. We are currently using PlanetPress Design 7.6. Do you have directions on getting the total page count in that?


Ah, in that case, you’re going to want to check out the PlanetPress Suite forums here:

This is going to require the use of metadata in most cases. You can read more about that here:

There are some good reasources for learning this over on the OLLearn platform as well:

Thank you very much!!!