Using the REST API

Hi, due to barriers put up by our IT department, we are struggling to automate a method of getting a JSON file, that has been generated in a Microsoft Power Automate Flow, into a Workflow, with the aim to output it as a PDF document. We are thinking that using the REST API might be a solution for this, but our skill set in the API area is a little sketchy. Would anyone know if this is possible and if so, the steps involved to do it? Thanks.

If you are not proficient with REST the easiest way to pass a JSON to the workflow would be to write it to a file and pass it in with a Folder Capture step.

Hi Maxiride, thanks for your reply. That was my first suggestion but unfortunately the IT dept would not allow for a gateway to be opened up to allow the Flow to write the file to a folder. A bit annoying but we have to work within their boundaries.

Fair enough, I can relate.
You can then use the HTTP (nodejs) input, and pass the JSON payload as a body in the HTTP request.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, that was a great help. I was able to set it up but then got a “restricted IP address” error from MS Flow :confounded: I think I will now have to throw myself on the mercy of the IT dept and beg for something to be opened.