Variable Metadata error

Hello, I can’t get a variable that is seen correctly in DataMaper to be seen as Metadata in WorkFlow, I am providing screenshots.

When I want to read this variable (AcuAlbaran) in the WorkFlow it always comes out blank.

thank you and greetings.

Can you share your Datamapper with anonymized data?

Hello, I can’t attach more files, it only leaves me one.
I am a new user.

Moderator: File removed because it contains identifiable data.

There was an error in yuour script where you forgot to set the [e] next to the …tables.InFoAlbaran[e].field…


var tmpStr;

for(var i = 0; i < record.tables.detail.length; i++) {

		if(record.tables.detail[i].tables.InfoAlbaran.length > 0){
			for(var e = 0; e < record.tables.detail[i].tables.InfoAlbaran.length; e++) {
				tmpStr = record.tables.detail[i].InfoAlbaran[e].fields.N_Albaran.trim();
				if(tmpStr == ""){
				    tmpStr = "XXXXXXXXX";
				} else {
					_AcuAlbaran += "," + tmpStr;

Hi, the problem is that the AcuAlbaran data still does not reach the Metedata in the WorkFlow.

Your datamapper configuration is looking for in order to extract the N_Albaran value.That works well in the DataMapper itself, but in Workflow, your data has gone through the Translator task, which converts that data token to “N?”:

So instead of looking for , your Caso4 condition should look for Pedido, and then everything works as expected:

Thank you very much, I have tried it and it already works, thank you again, I didn’t know what to do to solve it.

It’s already resolved, thank you very much for your help.