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Variable Number of Detail Tables


I’m having conceptual difficulty with building a data map. There are a variable number of “pages” and each page can have a variable number of “lines”.

The data is a text file. The first ten columns are an account number value, and I’ve set the Boundary when this value changes. So far so good.

Here is a little stump of the leftmost columns of the data file:

0000007326REM * RA NUMBER # 
0000007326REM * PAYMENT   # 
0000007326REM *             
0000007326REM * PAYEE NAME: 
0000007326REM *             
0000007326REM * RA NUMBER # 
0000007327REM * RA NUMBER # 
0000007327REM * PAYMENT   # 
0000007327REM *     

So when 7326 becomes 7327, that’s a new record. That part I can do.

But then I need to extract all the lines for page “1”, which is 6 lines in this sample. I can do that, into a detail table, looking at that column and looping until it isn’t empty. Then loop through page “2”, which in this sample is just 2 lines. A new detail table.

What I cannot figure out is how to make this open ended. I need to loop through the entire record, extracting lines into a detail table, until a new “page” is reached, at that point I need to create a new detail table and loop until finished.

I can do the inner loop, but how do I construct the outer loop so that I can have a variable number of “pages”, one detail table per page?

What I’d expect from the data sample above is 2 records (7326 and 7327).

Record 7326 would have two detail tables, the first with 6 lines, the next with 2 lines.
Record 7327 would have a single detail table, with 4 lines.

Is this possible?


And if it’s not possible, to have an outer loop that reads the entire record, all lines, with an inner loop to create a new detail table every time the “page counter” value is encountered (column 14), then the challenge becomes instead to do the pagination in the template. Extract all lines into a single detail table, but tell the template to “paginate” whenever I encounter a detail line that begins with a certain value.

Is that possible?


In this screen cap of my Data Map, how would I place this detail table in the template and have it paginate every time the PageControl field is not blank?


Just had to think this through. This Script handled the pagination for me nicely.

results.each(function(index) {
    var somestring = record.tables['detail'][index].fields.Page_Control;
    if( somestring.trim() >= "2") {

The CSS rule:

.before {
    page-break-before: always;