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Variables through COTG


I am looking for a simple example for how to pass variables through COTG
The examples I am coming across all seem to have Record ID set to 0

Scenario: I am printing a customer receipt that needs to be signed. I am saving the customer receipt using “CustomerNo”_“TransactionNo”.pdf to a temporary directory
I want to pass 2 variables, the customer number and the transaction number, to COTG so I can dynamically show the Receipt in COTG and then pass those variables back to my workflow so I can place the signature on the document for further processing.
My roadblock seems to be getting those variables into my COTG template
When I test the template in Designer with sample data it works fine but I cannot seem to get it to work in my workflow


Hi Bronze,

You could add hidden inputs to the form and populate these fields with User Scripts. Your HTML could look something like this:

<input name="CustomerNo" type="hidden" id="CustomerNo">
<input name="TransactionNo" type="hidden" id="TransactionNo">

Create two User Scripts to copy the value of data field to these inputs. The script would prop look something like this:

Selector: #CustomerNo
results.attr(‘value’, record.fields.CustomerNo );

Selector: #TransactionNo
results.attr('value', record.fields.TransactionNo);

While testing you could set the type of the input to “text”, this way you validate if the values are written to the field.

Hope this helps,



I did as you suggested and I am still running across the same issue. Works in Designer but not in my workflow.
I’m thinking the issue is around RecordID = 0 in Create Web Content in my workflow. Is there a way to determine the RecordID from the datamapping in the workflow so that I can pass that record through to my COTG form?
Unless I am way off in left field on this and there is an easier method. Then I am all ears.


RecordID = 0 is most likely the problem. This generates an empty data record for rendering static web pages (e.g. no personalized data). I assume your Execute Data Mapping step outputs IDs to metadata. In that case you should be able to retrieve the first record using the following:
GetMeta(_vger_record_id[0], 10, Job.Group[0].Document[0])


That worked!!
@Erik Thanks for your help