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W1619 Workflow Error

[0001] W1619 : Unknown exception caught: Control ‘dkpnlComments’ has no parent window

Any ideas? Can’t debug any process, this errors is thrown after the first “Step” or “Run” command.

Close the workflow and re-open it while holding the CTRL key. This will reset the GUI to the default positions and should fix this.

Thanks. Any idea what causes it?

Changes in the monitor configuration (resolution, order or number of monitors), display drivers, update to docking station firmware… could be a number of things, but it’s usually related to the display.
If absolutely nothing has changed, it could indicate corruption in the Windows Registry. Holding the CTRL key while launching the application wipes those registry preferences clean and resets them to the default configuration.

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Thanks, I did just switch from a projector back to my docking station. Good to know!