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W3001 : Error while executing plugin : HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server ApplicationException : Email export failed

Hi Everyone,

Our customer faced error that their Merak mail server send duplicated e-mail out (Mail server send twice - see attachment) while in PP we found only one job info for sending e-mail out (PP send once - see attachment). But 1 second before that PP error about e-mail export failed (Create Email Content Fail - see attachment)

Does anyone face this before?

Many thank in advace.

Based on the error message: “554 5.3.4. Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size”, I suppose that the message size has reach the size limit of your mail server. May I know what the size limit of your mail server is, and what the size of the message is (the message that resulted in this issue)?

Hi Marten,

Thanks for response my post. Base on this error message we found only 2 records for 1st time and found 14 records for 2nd time. Actually for each eBilling e-mail sending cycle, there got around 50K+ but we will split into 1K records for PP to process. All eBill got same messages as below attachment. Messages is about 600-900KB and also attach this image together with each e-mail (Totally not more than 2-2.2 MB)

Point is why it happen only few record per cycle. If error concern to message size that it should me effect to all records, right?