W3009 : Create file error: I/O error 32 ticket is open. escalated to R&D

I have 2 workflows that are almost the same. One works but the other one gives me this error:

[0015] Starting plugin Create file - 08:54:11
[0015] W3009 : Create file error: I/O error 32
[0015] Create file: W1603 : Plugin failed - 08:54:11 (elapsed time: 00:00:00.024)

I also have those workflows on another server and both works. Why ? I can’t find the problem


I think I have found the problem. If I have a text condition before, I get the error. What can I do? I have this problem only on connect workflow 2023.2.0 Professionnal

If you search online you will find that I/O error 32 is a sharing violation error so there is probably a lock on this file and another process cannot access it.
Could it be that another workflow process creates the same file but is not done with it until the 2nd workflow process tries to do the same? Or it might be the same workflow process that is called twice where the first thread is not finished yet.

dvdmeer. This is a bug. Upland will correct it