Way to pause or ignore a printer queue output?


I’m looking to find out how I can pause or ignore an individual printer queue output in my workflow.
I do not seem to have the option available under right-click > ignore, either on the queue output icon itself, or the vertical branch above it.
My hopes are that there is an easy way to be able turn off/on the queue output to facilitate some testing that will be happening in our environment.


An option is to use a global variable to check whether the Workflow process will be executed in ‘Debug mode’. For example, insert a global variable with name “Debug” and apply “false” as default value to it.

You can then execute the following steps:

  1. Insert a Text Condition Workflow plugin before the Printer Queue Output Workflow plugin
  2. Apply the following settings in the Properties window of the Text Condition Workflow plugin and click on OK:
    • String: %{global.Debug}
    • Operator: is equal to
    • Compare to string: true
  3. (Make sure that the Printer Queue Output Workflow plugin is located in the false (F) branch of the Text Condition Workflow plugin.)