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Web Context - Name browser tab and passing parameters

Have a web page with a form that selects a file name. Upon submit to a new target window the process retrieves a PDF file. The PDf file opens up in a new tab labeled “Document1 - ViewSpec” where ViewSpec is the name of the NodeJS input.


The PDF name is chosen using a Select List. I would like to name the browser tab the same as the PDF name if possible. I would also like to add/pass dynamic (based on the selected item) parameters to NodeJS.

i.e. action="/ViewSpec?spec=1234567890&typ=31&stat=9"

I can pass static parameter, but can’t get it to set with a client-side script. Because this selection form is interactive on the client-side without returning to the server (due to the low bandwidth area), this has to be done on the client side.

Both items are to ensure that the operators are looking at the correct PDF when they have multiple spec files open.

I have determined that the “Document1” is coming from the PPS v7 form document name. Because the sample documents had the security set with it.

Using PPC if I create a parameter ‘filename’ in the Job Preset and then set it with a value in the workflow.

I figured that it would be available in the Output Preset as long as I associate the Job Preset in the Output Preset.


In debug mode in workflow, I get an error that it is unable to parse the ${document.metadata[‘filename’]} I can switch it to other Print Output Variables, but not the parameter and not even using a metadata from the data mapper and outputting the entire metadata.

Have made no headway on the other item passing the dynamic values via the parameters of the form action attribute.


Because there is security (required) on the PDF files, I can’t do a Search and Replace to alter the title.