What actually is the License Output Speed Measuring

Hi there,

Just wondering what the licensed PPM speed is actually referring to?

Assuming Connect Enterprise is 80,000 ppm what is actually referring to?

We’re not seeing anything remotely close to this sort of output from our server. I’ve been testing a 140,000 record file through a Datamapper, Print Template, Job Preset & Output Preset and the fastest I’ve been able to get this file to run is 29 minutes. The Content Creation Step alone is taking 18 minutes to generate a simple 1 page A4 letter per record. This letter is just text with no images.

There were no other jobs running on our server/workflow at the time either so this job had access to full resources.

Our Server is a VM running 64gb Ram on a Xeon 5215 @ 2.50GHz.

I have Connect Server configuration
DataMapper Engines 2 - 4096MB
Merge Engines 16 - 2048MB
Weaver Engines 1 - 4096 MB

Parallel Processing is set to default.

That is the speed limit. It doesn’t mean it will go at this speed it only means that it can’t go faster than that.

Many factor can influence the throughput.

To name a few:

  • Images size
  • Remote resources
  • Antivirus
  • VM resources dedication

In your case, you say the input is 140 000 records. How many output pages does that produces?

Also you might want to read this.

Hi there,

This job produces 1 A4 page per record so it’s 140k pages. This is a very simple letter also with only 4 paragraphs of text, 3 barcodes and an address block. there are no images as it is mono lasered onto offset stock in production.

I guess our frustration/ confusion is that we are converting this job from PRes where we can spool this job from the PDC in roughly 30 minutes. This PDC is also generating a Pitney Bowes MRDF control file and production recon txt files for each of the output separations of 10,000 pages. If I add this secondary output function into Connect it almost doubles the output time from 30 to 60 minutes.

This extra time could be down to the method we are using but we haven’t been able to work out how to generate these reporting files without essentially relooping though the metadata a second time. As opposed to PRes were we can generate these at the same time as print output.

Maybe it would be better to open a a technical support ticket through our website. An agent can then review the Template / Datamapper / Output with you and figure out the speed decrease.