What is teh Connect Databse used for

I wanted to get an understanding of the purpose of the connect database. My understanding is that the Data Mapping, Designer Template, and Workflow configurations are stored in individual files. Is the database used only for storing temporary data used during processing when the OL Connect objects are running in Workflow?

I know this is a rather broad and technical question. Thank you in advance!

Yes, the database is used to store temporary data and references. This is what allows you, for instance, to perform several data mapping operations during the week and wait till the Friday to actually produce a run of documents.

The automated cleanup service takes care of removing obsolete or unused items periodically. You can set the frequency through the Server preferences.

Hi Phil

I’m trying to figure out where the number of days items are stored for is set, where in the preferences is this as I can’t see anything obvious?


These settings are found in the Clean-up Service section of the Connect Server Configuration tool. Information about the various parameters can be found in this online help page.