What is the name of the meta data field?


When I try to create an output present, I checked “Add text and barcodes” then go–>adding text–>Document meta data field–>Field name. The I type in roll_number which is a valid in my data model.

However, when I try to print to a PDF file, I got this error: “’$(set.metadata.roll_number)’ yields value undefined”. Please let me know what is really the name of the meta data field?



You need to create the metadata fields in the Job Creation Settings.

You will first need to add these fields to the corresponding metadata levels in File>Print Presets>Job Creation Settings > Include meta data

A step by step guide on how to achieve this is available here:



Thanks a lot, Sergio for your answer. We thought to check “Include meta data” option, but wasn’t sure the meaning of “PDF-VT only”. Will try it now.

I have tried the possible solution Sergio suggested, but it is still not working for me. When I tried to modify the Job preset and found there wasn’t a option exactly called “Include meta data”. Instead, it called “Include meta data (PDF-VT only)”. I did have checked it in regardless what the “PDF-VT only)” means, but still no luck. Does this have something to do with the type of planet press software we purchased? I am using PlanetPress Connect Designer v

Thanks for a response.


I suggest you upgrade to the latest version, 1.4.2. From version 1.4.1 has the ability to add Metadata to any output type (previously only PDF and AFP), for use within output Presets.


Thanks for the response. I am talking to our supervisor to see if we need new license for the upgrading.

The upgrade can be done free of charges.

Exactly as my supervisor said. Thanks a lot Sergio. Much appreciated !

Link content is incomplete - anybody got an archive copy?


Thanks for getting back to me.
Unfortunately the only bit of the tutorial at the url is this:

no info on barcodes / passing metadata / output presets.
Am I missing something?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:You…are not missing something. Something…is missing from that page :wink:. We will investigate and complete it.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for taking a look @hamelj,

The link will be updated but in the mean time, here is what is missing.

  1. When you set your Output Preset, select your Job Preset with the metadata tag in it.
  2. Go Next
  3. Check the Add Additional content
  4. Go Next
  5. Add your barcode
  6. Next to the Text field, click on the “silo” like icon and select Document meta data field.
  7. Select your metadata tag you added.

As for anything more, you can refer to our documentation on Additional content.

Hope that helps you.

Cheers, will give it a try.