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When processing a job, the job does not complete and does not produce output, but no error is displayed

We have a job that fails randomly on certain days without any error description in log file. Please see the out put below i.e. last few lines. On other days it works fine and completes the job.

00:02:25 - [INFO] - [Attendance.insertAttendance.eventLoop] - event 81 of 1038 : EventID E:E649SEQHRW-00004 : OptimeIndex 254315
00:02:25 - [INFO] - [Attendance.insertAttendance.eventLoop] - event 82 of 1038 : EventID E:W1UVGKU2F6 : OptimeIndex 247616
00:02:25 - [INFO] - [Attendance.insertAttendance.eventLoop] - event 83 of 1038 : EventID E:W1UVGKU2F6-00003 : OptimeIndex 247619
00:02:26 - [INFO] - [Attendance.insertAttendance.eventLoop] - event 84 of 1038 : EventID E:PYLZNQ3LYD : OptimeIndex 251447
00:02:26 - [INFO] - [Attendance.insertAttendance.eventLoop] - event 85 of 1038 : EventID E:PYLZNQ3LYD : OptimeIndex 251447

We came across this on the web Resolve PlanetPress job does not complete | Pitney Bowes Support but we could not locate the PBFirstAutomator.exe . in the bin folder.
We have tried to look for any answers but cant figure out why that might be happening. could you please help.

Hello @shaider392,

First of all, welcome to the OL Learn community!

[…] but we could not locate the PBFirstAutomator.exe.

I assume that this because this executable makes no part of PlanetPress Workflow. I’m afraid that, in case you would like to make use of this executable, you will have to contact Pitney Bowes instead.

Hi @Marten , Many thanks for getting back to us and pointing out the issue. I don’t think we are actually using this PBFirstAutomator.exe, therefore cant find it either. It must be something else that’s causing this issue.

Can you let us know please by which Workflow plugin(s) the shared logging has been logged?

Hi Marten, We are very new to PlanetPress could you please advise where would we find this information?

At this point, we need for you to tell us how you get those logs?
These are not standard Workflow logs so we need to know where they come from.

Hi Hamel,
We have PlanetPress on a VM where we have the following folder structure

\PlanetPress\Planet Press Files\GBS Plugin\logs\attendance

This log file extract is from one of the files within attendance folder.

That means that the logs comes from one of the plugin created by Pitney Bowes. Those are custom plugin done by a third party and we have absolutely no access to their source code or else.

You need to get in touch with your PB rep and check that with him.

Hi Hamel,
I am just looking at the custom code we have got and it is something we have coded our selves see the attached screen shot:

Good, I am glad that you found your logging source.

From that you should be able to figure out where the issue is then.

Ok Many thanks for your help Hamel!