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When using dynamic PPD mode, OK to ignore warning?

I’m wondering what to do about the warning I see when I’m using the dynamic PPD wizard to create an output preset that will hopefully select paper from certain medias and sub set staple on a Konica Minolta 1050. When there are parts like JCL or Prolog shown in the wizard (screenshot below) what, if anything, should be placed here from the PPD?
Why are these parts included if nothing goes in them?


I have reproduce the issue and required our R&D assistance. I will post the answer here.
JIRA ticket is TS-5243 if anyone need a follow-up.

After confirmation from R&D, I can answer the following.

Yes you can ignore the warning as it means that nothing will happen for the warned (yellow highlighted) options.

As for the JCL or Prolog, they are the same has other options. You can add a rule to them (green round button with a + sign). They are default values and always shows. You will notice that they aren’t highlighted in yellow as they don’t have empty rules.

The duplexing is a default common option which has three default rules: Tumble, Duplex, Simplex. They are highlighted by default has they are empty until the user setup a content for them.

In your case, we can see that you have defined Stapled rules in your Finishing option and they are highlighted in yellow as you do not have setup Printer options for them yet.

Hope that clarify all this.

Yes this helps, thank you!