Windows Server 2019 support

It’s that time again! Another new Microsoft OS! Just fielded my first request for PlanetPress to be supported on Windows Server 2019. Any idea when that will be added?

Looks like it’s been “generally available” for about a month…


Given the relatively short time frame, we won’t be able to certify this for our next release in April.

However, we should be able to support it officially in our second release in October 2019.

Note however that it is highly unlikely that we’ll have to change anything to our software to specifically support Server 2019, so we may well issue an official statement in between releases if we can get the certification done sooner.

Hello, I’m just checking in for an update on this post. When should we expect Windows Server 2019 to be officially supported? Based on this post I was hoping to see it in the 2019.1 release but I didn’t see it mentioned in the most recent users guide as a supported OS.

Thank you.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t think we’d have time to certify 2019.1 on that platform, and even though the release was slightly delayed, we still couldn’t work it into that version.

I still expect it to be officially supported in the next release (2019.2).

Any news on supporting Windows 2019 Server, it is now November?

Windows Server 2019 is officially supported starting with Connect version 2019.2, which is due to be released next week.