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Windows Spooler problem

After applying Windows Update KB5006670 files sent to a queue no longer print. Besides removing the KB/Update, is there a solution to use?


Can you provide more information, is there any error message?
are you windows print spool service running?
can you open a support call to look at this together.

This update does contain known issues related to printing. See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/october-12-2021-kb5006670-os-builds-19041-1288-19042-1288-and-19043-1288-8902fc49-af79-4b1a-99c4-f74ca886cd95. However, in absence of any details about what problems you are experiencing, we cannot say much more.

I would advise to read the Microsoft service bulletin above and see how it applies to you, including known issues and workarounds.

I also second my colleague’s opinion about opening a support call.

Sorry about that. it is a PlanetPress printer queue that is stuck and holding onto the documents printed to it. The services are all running, stopping and restarting the Print Spooler service gets the Watch process to consume the files, but this is happening almost daily now.