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Wizzard for if statements


as I wrote before in December 15th it would be great to have a wizard for “IF-Statements” in the Connect Designer ([Desirable improvements](Desirable Improvements)).

Meanwhile there is a good “Make conditional” wizzard but we miss the possibility to check several conditions.


We have a datafield called “Gender” and want to output “Dear Mr”, “Dear Ms” or “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen” dependend on the datafield content. Actually we have to script it or place three elements/placeholders in the document and make them conditional separately.

As I posted before I suggest a gui like the one shown below:

  1. Define a criteria


  1. Define an action

It would be great to add this to the feature request database. That would increase the usability for existing “low” users and the acceptance for new customers/prospects (especially for PrintShop Mail Suite Customers).

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I second this. Many colleagues are not programmers but are used to the GUI IF statements in FormScape. The thought of moving to Connect due to scripting basic things has scared many a colleague from using Connect.