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Work with landscape sections in Designer but print them in portrait

I’m working with some content that needs to be printed in portrait, however due to the page layout I also need to work with rotated text boxes (first screenshot). It gives me a headache being constantly with the head tilted to see what I am doing.

If I set the section to landscape (second screenshot) it would make it way easier to work with, but when printing the page is printed in landscape.

Is there a way to have a section displayed in the designer in landscape, but have it printed in portrait?

Hi Maxiride,
one way to do so would be to use imposition in the output presets.
Create the document landscape, then select imposition in the output preset and set A4 to A4 but with a rotation to 90 deg for exemple.
I hope this would help you.

Am i right in seeing that this solution will also rotate portrait sections to landscape.

So if have Section1 Portrait and Section2 Landscape, when printing I will end up with an inverted PDF. Section1 in landscape and Section2 in portrait.

I’m sure the workaround could be somehow useful but it would more effective to have the feature in the designer.

yes you are right, it will rotate all sections

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll keep working with my head tilted :sweat_smile:
I need all the sections to be portrait.