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Workflow and Connect on seperate servers


Does anyone have any experience with running workflow and connect on separate servers?

We have recently upgraded from V2021.1 to V2023.1 and as part of this we have but the workflow and connect server on different servers to split the load, but we are getting sporadic issues with jobs where it’s like the weaver or merge engine completes the process but workflow doesn’t know so it then just hangs.

The jobs we are getting it on worked fine in V2021 and is only happening on the larger jobs we have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


This actually seems to be an issue with V2023 when it’s a fresh install rather than an upgrade!

On our dev server has been upgraded from V2021 our live server was a fresh install! We have several jobs now getting stuck at the datamapper stage. Support in the UK have been able to replicate the issue.

I’m going to do some testing by trying to create the jobs from scratch in V2023 as the jobs were all originally created in V2021 and have just been opened in V2023 and saved and sent to workflow