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[Workflow] Do folder capture support DICOM files?

I tried to set up like this but seems the folder cannot capture the DICOM file.

Hi @ceci_cheung, welcome to the OL Learn forum!

Can you let us know what kind of issue you’re facing when you place a *.DCM file into the input folder and run the Folder Capture plugin after that? Do you receive a error message for example?

Are you able to pickup any other different file (with a different file extension) from the same input folder by the Folder Capture plugin?

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Yes, i am able to pick up other type of file such as txt and csv. But when i drop a DCM file into the folder. There is nothing happen(The file didn’t disappear)
May i know any other set up i need to do when handling DCM file?

Make sure the file’s Archiving attribute is not set.

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Also, make sure that the file isn’t locked on by another program. To test this, once the file is in the hotfolder, try deleting it manually. If you can’t you will get an error stating that anther program is still using it.

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