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Workflow GUI user rights

We have users that VNC into the server running Workflow. We don’t want them to be adminstrators on that box or leave that box running with an Admin-level user logged in, but do want them to be able to make changes to the Workflow, Send Configuration, and Start/Stop/Restart the Workflow services from the GUI (and automatically when Send Configuration).

Is it possible to grant the specific necessary rights to a local, non-Admin user account to allow this, and if so, what are those rights?

I believe you can run (most of) the Workflow Configuration tool without Admin privileges, so you could use standard user accounts. Admin rights are required to install the software, that’s for sure, but I also believe you may need them when capturing a new Windows Queue (the queue needs to be paused) and perhaps when sending the configuration.

I have asked someone more knowledgeable than I am about these matters to review this post and provide any additional information.

Thanks. We can certainly run the GUI with a standard user account, but when we Send Configuration we get a popup message saying Admin rights are required to stop and restart the services.

Although most functionality of Workflow Configuration can be used by a standard user with some limitations, there are a few cases where the software will check that the user is an administrator is an administrator to ensure maximum compatibility and a smooth experience.

We are working on making permissions more granular to allow administrators to assign roles to users rather than the current all-or-nothing model. No word as to when this is going to be ready, but probably not this year, sadly.