Workflow Locks up during Debug

Tools, Debug… I click “Step”, and it’s an immediate hard-freeze, Workflow goes “gray” and “Not Responding”. Any process, always as soon as I click “Step” the first time.

Hi @TDGreer,

Can you let us know please by executing which Workflow plugins in Debug mode the issue does occur? Is it for example always the same Workflow plugin?

I’ve only ever experienced a catastrophic error when debugging if I click into or change a variable’s value. Have had success in this scenario if I click on a plugin in the process flow to change the focus after changing the value. If I forget, I have to kill the workflow config and relaunch. I use the debugging feature constantly over a wide range of versions.

The freeze was happening on any/every process, regardless of the plugins. As soon as I clicked “Step”, a hard freeze. Something was tickling my memory that the fix was to reset all the Windows by launching Workflow while holding either the SHIFT or CTRL keys. I couldn’t remember which, so just held them both. That cleared the problem.

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Thanks for this TDGreer, I was so close to reinstalling.