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Workflow PDF processes slower in 2019.2

Hi all,

I’m noticing that PDF processing, particularly splitting, is a lot slower in 2019.2 rather than in 2019.1. Same workflow and same machine.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Further to this, see the image below. This is the stats for one of our monthly runs and the number of records processed through our workflow each hour.


The speed increase occurred when I reverted back to 2019.1. Same workflow and same amount of files being processed etc.

Do the new PDF libraries have a higher memory overhead or something else that could be behind this?

That’s a huge difference, something that none of our QA tests have encountered. Could you share more information about the specific process where you’re experiencing this slow-down? If you can’t share that here for reasons of privacy, I would definitely suggest you contact our Support team and provide them with a few files & resources in order to properly analyze the issue.

Thanks, Phil. I hope to run up a second server and do a comparison in the next couple of weeks so I can track down the process causing the issue. If there is something to report, I will do it then.