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Workflow "Previous Session" warning

Each time I start Workflow I get this warning about the previous session ending abnormally. It didn’t, and even when I say “NO”, make some changes, and Send Configuration, which should clear this “history”, it doesn’t. The next time Workflow starts, the warning reappears. The risk is someone clicking “Yes” and we lose all changes made since the inception of that error.

How do I clear this permanently?

This message occurs if the auto-save file is found in Workflow’s work folder when you lauch the Workflow Configuration application.

Sequence of events

  • The Configuration application is launched
  • The application looks for a file named ppwatch._as in the C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch folder
  • If the file is found, Workflow displays the message you mentioned and asks you to confirm if you want to recover the auto-save file
    • If you answer No, the file is immediately deleted from the folder and Workflow loads the standard config (ppwatch.cfg) from the same folder
    • If you answer Yes, the auto-save file is loaded instead of the standard config. The auto-save file is not immediately deleted (that happens when you exit the Workflow application normally)

Apparently, in your case Workflow is unable to delete the auto-save file from the folder, regardless of your answer to the confirmation question. To confirm that’s the problem, open a File Explorer window and navigate to the Workflow’s work folder. Simply check that the auto-save file is there. Keep the window open and launch Workflow Configuration.

When the warning message is displayed, answer No and immediately check if the file has indeed been deleted. If not, that confirms the application is unable to delete the file from the folder (most likely because it doesn’t have the rights to do so). You can try deleting it manually from File Explorer to see if that works. If you can’t delete it manually, then it means the folder’s access rights have been modified to prevent any deletion from occurring.

If how are able to delete it manually, then you could try launching the Worfklow Configuration application is Administrator mode, to see if that fixes the issue.

In any event, you should talk to your IT department to determine what could prevent the application from deleting files from its own work folder.

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