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Workflow stop working

I have a strange problem with workflow.
The process starts to create PDF and at a certain moment it stops. It doesn’t fail or turn off. It just doesn’t create more PDFs. Sometimes I find that some of the pdfs that were created are blocked by the system (I don’t know why) and when I open and close it, it continues working. The fault was repeated after a while and I can’t find an explanation.
The server is a windows 2019 with windows defender. Add exceptions to all manual recommended folders and all executables.
I think that defending is doing something but I don’t know what else I can do.
The administrator does not allow me to turn off the antivirus

How are those PDF created?
Create PDF plugin?
PP Imaging?

Why do you mean by “block by the system”? You mean windows Defender blocks them?

Create pdf because it is faster.
I think they are blocked by the system because when I try to delete or rename them it doesn’t let me and Windows Explorer doesn’t respond.

It could be the Alambic (program that creates the PDF) that still keep hold on them but I don’t know why.

Try this, next time it happens, open you Task Manager and look for Alambic.exe or PPAlambic.exe and kill it/them.

Than see if that unlocks your PDF. If it does, open a ticket via our website and have a technician remote in and troubleshoot this with you.