Workflow variable in jobpreset


I’m using external sorter application in my jobpreset. Is there any way to pass some workflow variable to this sorter so I can use single application for multiple processes?
Sorter generally does the same thing for all processes but it needs to calculate some data that is different for each process. Do I really need to create 5 different applications just to change one parameter?


You could import the workflow variable into the data model during your data mapping. That way it could be passed out to the sorter via the job preset.

You’ll find instructions for this here:

@AlbertsN - The how to guide appears to reference a now deprecated feature as of version 2021.1… the “automation variable” scope is no longer available in the properties pane. When I open up the sample files provided in the “howto_21_test.OL-package”, the data mapper preprocessor step doesn’t show any properties. Which of the remaining scopes should I use to import a workflow variable value?

Or maybe the better question is, as of version 2021 what is the best way to import a workflow variable value into the data mapper?


The automation variables haved been replaced by Runtime Parameters. If you don’t see that pane in the DataMapper, open it up through the Window | Parameters menu option.

You will find that what used to be an automation variable named Test is now a Runtime Parameter of the same name. The advantage of Runtime Parameters over automation variables is that when you select a DM Config in Workflow’s data mapping task, the runtime parameters that the DM Config expects are displayed right there for you to assign values to it.