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Write a file to disk when process has finished

Hi colleagues!

We have a processes with a Metadata Sequencer that splits data every 3000 documents, do other things and finally outputs a PDF file for each 3000 documents split. Output file names are sufixed with the %i variable.

We’re looking for a way to monitor the process output from a Windows application and tell when the last PDF file has been written to disk.

We could think of two approaches:
1 - checking if the suffix of the last written file is equal to the number of splits
2 - writing a text file to the output folder when the process ends

However, we are stuck on both. On option 1, we could find no way of checking how many splits would be generated. On option 2, if we add a Create File as the last task, before Send to Folder task, it will be written on every iteration of the Metadata Sequencer, when we need it to be written only on the last iteration.

Thanks for any advice on this.

Best regards,

2- Have your Metadata Sequencer part of the process into a branch of its own. Once it is back to the main branch, it means all is done and then you “writing a text file to the output folder when the process ends”.

Thanks a lot, Hamelj!