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XML data - Dynamic table does not overflow

I have XML data with records that span what will fit on the page. The section that exceeds the page are from a Dynamic detail table, but can’t get it to overflow. Instead it simply runs off the page.

Not sure if I understand the problem correctly but here is my take on it:

It sounds like the content & table are inserted into an element. This element is likely to prevent the content to be paginated. The pagination algorithm is only capable of ‘splitting’ content at the root of the sections or when these elements are wrapped in an <article> element residing at the root.

When you are using the .html() function to add content to a placeholder in the root of the section, the content will be placed inside the element (.html() sets the inner html). Using the .replaceWith() function will replace the placeholder and put the content in the root for this scenario.

Below some samples:


Scenario 1, html()
The placeholder in design view:
<div id="placeholder"></div>

<div id="placeholder"><p>Lorem ipsum</p><p>Lorem ipsum</p></div>

This will prevent the paragraph to be paginated. Replacing the <div> element with an <article> element will solve this as the latter is treated as a structural element (an exception in Connect’s algorithm).

Scenario 2, replaceWith()
The placeholder in design view:
<div id="placeholder"></div>

<p>Lorem ipsum</p><p>Lorem ipsum</p>

Paragraphs and dynamic tables will be paginated correctly (assuming that the elements are at the root of the print section).

Using 2019.2

The structure of the data model is a series of fields at the root of the record (grouped) and a single detail table.


The layout of the template are of series of absolute div’s on the top of the page. After the top portion of the page there are two dynamic tables that are also absolute and stacked on top of each other.

If I create an anchor div that covers the top portion and convert the two tables to inline then it will paginate correctly, but have not figured out how to properly align the two tables.

OL Connect Designer can only paginate content that is in the main text flow (inline), this is why dynamic tables in an absolute position box will not paginate. Could you share your layout or a screendump to get a better understanding on what you try to achieve? Perhaps there are other techniques we can utilize.