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XML / JSON Conversion

I’m having an issue converting a JSON to XML in workflow. During debugging I can convert the file from JSON to XML fine. However, during debugging but adding a precursor step (folder capture) and placing same file in the folder i get a W4310 - “error detecting input file. the file must be a valid xml or JSON.” I’m stuck help please! Seems weird the the same file would work one way but not the other.

Does it have the proper extension in the file name? I’ve seen that error when it doesn’t.

Good Point. It starts out as a .json file and I have tried renaming it to .dat to see if that might work as well with no luck. Thanks.

In that case it sounds like the structure itself is causing this error. If you have valid OL Care, can you open a technical support ticket so we can investigate why you get this error?

Thank you. I reviewed the JSON structure and there was an extra string being attached to the end. Deleted the extra string and everything works.