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Adding record data to a custom barcode in print output

In this How-To we’ll show how to add use metadata fields to add text and barcodes in your Print output.

In order to demonstrate this principle, you can use these resources to get started with.

In this case we’ll add a barcode that combines the data field CustNumber and the page number in the top right corner of the page where a red rectangle was added.

To achieve this, we define the metadata and barcode in the Output Presets:

1. Job Creation Settings

In this part we’ll be adding a metadata tag in the document level whose value is given by the data field CustNumber.

  1. Select Print Presets in the File menu and then click on Job Creation Settings.
  2. Check Include meta data in the opened window and click Next >.
  3. Add a new tag metadata at document level:
    1. Click on Document Tags tab.
    2. Click on Add meta data icon (cylinder with a green plus) at right side and choose Add field meta data.
    3. Select the data field CustNumber and click OK.
    4. The tag name in the Tag Name column is the data field name by default. Let’s change it to tagID
  4. Click Finish and save the job configuration file. Name the file as you want (something like: metadata_CustomerID)

2. Output Creation Settings

In this part, we will be adding the previously created metadata field to a barcode with the page number.

  1. Select Print Presets in the File menu and then click on Output Creation Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the open dialog, select your Job Creation Configuration name created above.
  3. Click Next >.
  4. Check the Add additional content box.
  5. Click Next >.
  6. Add your barcode by clicking on Add button (the “silo” like icon) on the upper right corner and clicking on Barcode and choosing the type of barcode you want (Code 128 for example).
  7. Since we want our barcode just beneath the invoice information at the top right of the page, input the following values:
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Left: 170mm
    • Bottom: 247mm
    • Height: 5mm
  8. Next to the Text field, click on the Add button (the “silo” like icon) and select Document meta data field.
  9. Select the metadata tag you added (ex: tagID).
  10. Add the Document page number by clicking on the Add button next to the Text field, and choosing Info field > Document page number.
  11. You now should have something like this:

    Note that you can modify the parameter values in the Position section to adjust where the barcode appears on the document.

  12. Click OKNext and click Finish. Name the file as you want (something like: barcode_CustID_pagenr)
  13. Finally test the job and output presets by clicking on File > Proof Print…. Select the presets that were just created and click Print. You should see the barcode appear inside of the red rectangle, at the top right of the page.

You can download these resources as a reference.

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