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Connect Performance and Optimization Megathread

Scope of this How-to

The goal of the How-to is to help users maximizing their experience with any OL software and solutions. Due to the versatility of OL solutions, there is more than one way to achieve a goal. Is it the most optimized? Is there any way to simplify the procedure? Have we maximized our usage of the solution? These are all questions answered here, by providing examples, speed benchmarks, as well as tips and tricks.


Understand that there are no fixed recipes for any situation. There are many variables worth taking into account like the environment, the available resources, the result expected, etc…

Tips and trick, examples and explanation are of ordinary situation and not specific pinpoint ones. It might happen that a specific trick is not answering a requirement or is impossible to implement due to other variables. In these cases, contact OL Support and a workaround, a solution or an improvement will be proposed, if possible.

Articles about Optimization

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Single-Script Translation and Replace

How to Emulate Global Variables in Connect

Documentation Links

Connect User Guide – Performance Considerations

Connect User Guide – Optimizing Scripts

Connect User Guide – Testing Scripts

PlanetPress Suite

PlanetPress for Advanced Users

It requires to be registered but it is free. Optimization techniques are found at the bottom of the page.


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