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Quick & Easy Cover Page

This How-To shows how to create a cover page on any job, using only Designer and the Output module.

This can only be used to create a single, job-wide cover page with limited data – for instance it cannot contain the total number of pages, documents, etc.

Step 1: Creating the cover page

The way this trick works is through the creation of a Section which we will conditionally enable on the very first record and disable it on every other. Let’s start by creating this new Section and calling it “Cover”. This section can, of course, use a different master page and contain anything a normal section would – conditional contents, variables, etc.

Step 2: Adding the proper control script

The control script is a pretty simple one that, in my opinion, is pretty self-explanatory regardless of your level of knowledge in JavaScript:

if(record.index === 1) {
  merge.context.sections['Cover'].enabled = true;
} else {
  merge.context.sections['Cover'].enabled = false;

Simply put, this enables the section on the first record (record.index 1) only.

Caveats and Limitations

This method has the advantage of completely customizing the cover page. However, it does have its drawback: When using this method, you cannot filter or sort your data using Job Presets! This is because the cover page is added during Content Creation and is technically part of a single record – if the record is filtered out or moved, the cover page will follow.

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