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Getting Started with the Designer Module

  • Download the package from here
  • Double-click the .OL-package file to open it.
  • Switch to the OLSG-Invoice [Section 1] tab to see the template design.
  • Let’s take a look first at the Data Model pane, bottom right. Notice how it matches the same pane in the DataMapper module. This pane is shared as the output from DataMapper is the input to the Designer. It is their only common denominator.
  • To the bottom-left, you can see the Scripts being used to replace data on the page. Each of these scripts replace a single placeholder with data from a data model field.
  • At the top left, the Resources pane displays the different bits and pieces used within the template. This includes imagesstylsheetsjavascript resources and snippets that can be shared between contexts and even templates.
  • And the main part of the application is obviously the largest one: The Workspace in the center. It displays in three different views depending on your needs.
    • The Source view displays the html code used as the design for the template.
    • The Design view displays the design itself along with the original placeholders
    • The Preview view is the design after the Scripts have run, replacing the placeholders with the data.
  • When selecting any element on the page, you’ll notice a few things:
  • The element is highlighted on the page.
  • Its attributes are shown in the Attributes pane on the right.
  • The Contextual menu displays element-specific options.
  • The breadcrumbs at the top display the path of elements leading to the selected one.
  • You can also show all “invisible” elements as well as the visible ones by clicking the Show Edges toolbar icon, simplifying some adjustments to the template.

Before moving on to the Workflow Getting Started, use the FileSend to Workflow, select the OLSG-Invoice Job Preset and Output Preset, then click OK. This sends the package information to the Worfklow module.


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