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Overview of Booklet Imposition

Generating output using Booklet Imposition in Connect is simple using Output Presets. Here is a basic How-To along with some tips for generating booklets.

These instructions are for Connect 1.2 and higher. Lower versions had less options and more complex requirements, so if you’re doing booklets, it’s strongly advised to upgrade to 1.2 or higher.

When making a booklet, make sure that you choose your Media size according to the size of the booklet page you want to make as the following image illustrates:

Depending on the Media size and the paper size used for the booklet, it is also important to determine which imposition Configuration will be used. The different booklet imposition configuration options are as follows:

Booklet Imposition Options in Output

The best option for booklet imposition is to create an Output Preset with the appropriate options.

  1. Click File > Print Presets > Output Creation Settings
  2. Choose an existing configuration or select New to create a new one, then click Next
  3. Check the Booklet Imposition option, then click Next
  4. Select the desired type of binding Configuration (Perfect, Saddle, One-Up Perfect). These depend on your printer capabilities, check your printer’s user guide to check which is better for you.
  5. Select the desired Booklet binding edge.
  6. If using Saddle Binding, more options are available. Specifically, you can choose to create a cover page and to use the first 2 and last 2 pages of your document to add contents to that cover page. Click Next when you’re done choosing these options.
  7. The Imposition Options are used to fine-tune different settings. In Booklet imposition, some of these options are locked such as the Method and the Page Order, since these are required to have specific values for booklet making to work.
  8. Once the options are changed, finish the rest of the pages in the wizard and save this output preset.

Note: You can put this Output Preset to test by clicking on File > Proof Print… and then choosing the Output Preset you just created under Output Creation and choosing <Default> under Job Creation and clicking Print. As a result, you should obtain a PDF representing the pages of your booklet as they should come out of the printer.

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