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Reading and Interpreting Connect Logs

Original Author: Objectif Lune QA Team


So you found an error in the workflow log and now you’re wondering, ‘what do I do?’ This how-to will explain the various steps necessary to identify and resolve issues with workflows and documents.

Logs Location

Essentially, the steps necessary go like this:

  • Find the appropriate Connect Server log.
  • Examine those to determine what actually went wrong.

To find the logs for Connect, go to X:\Users\<user>\Connect\logs folder, where X is the drive where Windows User profile are at, and <user> is the name of the User (Windows). If the user has a custom path for his/her User profile folder, the logs should be there instead. In the logs folder, there will be multiple folders, for each engine.

In this example, the user is New, so the logs are here:

For anything related to Installation, see the Installer Folder

For Designer or Server, it is the Designer or Server Folder. Each instance of Designer or Server have Merge engine and Weaver engine related to it. In the Designer or Server log, there should be logs telling you what the process ID of the merge/weaver engine are. In the Mergeengine and Weaverengine folder, you should see the same ID in parentheses in the file name, these are the logs of the engines related to Designer/Server.

For example, in the Server logs we have the following lines:

INFO [08 Jun 2017 16:09:06,554][Thread-32] com.objectiflune.contentcreation.mergeengine.remote.d.run(d.java:?) Registered : C:\Users\New\Connect\temp\Mergeengine\3464 (Cc_132)
INFO [08 Jun 2017 16:09:07,323][Thread-30] com.objectiflune.contentcreation.mergeengine.remote.d.run(d.java:?) Registered : C:\Users\New\Connect\temp\Mergeengine\4044 (Cc_132)
INFO [08 Jun 2017 16:09:09,154][Thread-29] com.objectiflune.contentcreation.mergeengine.remote.d.run(d.java:?) Registered : C:\Users\New\Connect\temp\Mergeengine\6312 (Cc_132)
INFO [08 Jun 2017 16:09:10,593][Thread-31] com.objectiflune.contentcreation.mergeengine.remote.d.run(d.java:?) Registered : C:\Users\New\Connect\temp\Mergeengine\1212 (Cc_132)

The corresponding Merge Engine logs would be:


We should also have the same for Weaver.

Note: The number at the end of the logs for Designer, Server, MergeEngine and WeaverEngines is the PID (Process ID) in which Windows assigns the Process. It makes it easier after to identify which logs to look at when an issue occur based on the PID marked in the Task manager under the Process list.

How to search for errors in the logs

Errors can be in multiple places, the first place to check should be Designer or Server. Most errors should have ERROR as the first word of the line in the logs, so the easiest way to find errors quickly is to:

  1. Open the log
  2. Search for “ERROR [“
  3. If any ERROR lines are found, read the error message.
  4. Repeat until end of file

Clean up service: To identify whether the fault might come from the clean up service or not, you will see that in the log the process will be identify as Clean up service. The log will also mention if the Clean up service is completed or not.

Here is an example of what an error looks like:

Once you have found an error in the server log you will have to track it to the appropriate engine logs as there will likely be more information there. The key to knowing what is up is looking at the main error message and every “caused by” clause. Some errors are cascading and will provoke additional errors.

Note that sometimes instead of an ERROR, your problem might be masked as a warning using WARN.

NOTE: Do we have some cross-log suggestion when we’re working in clustering working environment? In a Cluster environment, we need to use the time stamp/Engines ID in the Master machine to identify which one is faulty in a case of errors. The same applies with the Workflow Logs when processing Connect jobs.

Still couldn't figure it out?

The next step? If you cannot figure out what the logs are telling you then you should attach the logs to an error report to the Objectif Lune support team, and make sure to specify which files to look into and at which time. This will save time for people working to help you as they will not have to repeat the log analysis. This apply also if you know the cause of the issue, logs are the history of the jobs process, it will greatly help understand better the issue.

If based on the log message you can guess a workaround for the problem great! Include that as well as it will help support in debugging the issue.

If not, the technical support team can be reached by phone at 1-866-348-5863 or by submitting the request online

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