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Separate Job by Invoice Number Using Presets

In this How-To we’ll explore how to separate your output job by invoice number, in order to create one file per invoice. Since we’ll be implementing this in the Job/Output presets, this method can be used both when printing from Designer, as well as automating it from the Workflow tool.

There’s a way to do all this in Workflow only, with PDF files – never using a data mapping configuration or a document. If that’s your thing, see the how-to: Manipulating PDF Files with Metadata

Let’s start with a basic transactional document. You can download it here: howto-separate-by-invoice-olsg.OL-package (PrintShop Mail users, any document will data would do!)

The one important field in this whole document, is simply the one that determines our split. In this case, it’s called InvoiceInfo2_InvoiceID and we’ll be using its data throughout the how-to.

Step 1 - Job Presets and Meta Data

Let’s start by creating the Job Preset that will define the meta deta field, so it continues down the process.

  • In Designer go to File > Print Presets > Job Creation Settings…
  • Check the Include meta data option under Options, then click Next.
  • Click the Document Tags tab, then the Add meta data button on the right.
  • Select Add field meta data, then select the InvoiceInfo2_InvoiceID field in the list.
  • Change the tag name to just InvoiceID to simplify, then click Finish.
  • Save the Job Creation Preset as a name you can recognize later (such as invoiceid-metadata).

Step 2 - The Output Preset and Splitting

Next we need to create the Output Preset, which will be defining the output split. In this case, we’ll be using PDF output which is the most logical reason to use this method.

  • In Designer go to File > Print Presets > Output Creation Settings…
  • Leave the Configuration Name to <Default> and click Next.
  • Change the Output Type to Directory and select a Job Output Folder to somewhere you want to save the files.
  • Select the Separation option at the bottom, and click Next.
  • Under Separation Settings, select Document.
  • Click Back and change the Job Output Mask to ${document.metadata.InvoiceID}.pdf. This will name the files, you guessed it, with the Invoice ID as a name.
  • Click Next twice, then Finish.
  • Save the Output Creation Preset as a name you can recognize later (such as invoiceid-split).

Step 3 - Testing the system

Now that we have both our presets it’s time to test it!

  • In Designer go to FilePrint.
  • Select the Job Creation Preset and Output Creation Presets you just created.
  • Click Print.

This should create about a dozen files inside the folder you set in the Job Output Folder, which are all PDFs for each invoice. And we’re done!

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