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Showing a Terms and Conditions on the back of the first page only

The case we deal with here is the one where we add Terms and Conditions page only in the back of the first page, regardless of the number of pages in the overflow. We will use a duplex document but be careful that the line items do not overflow into the Terms and Conditions page.

To provide a little context for our How-To, we assume that we will start with an existing invoice Print context that contains one section Section 1 and master pages applied to the different document sheets. You can use the following template as an example to get started with.


To achieve our goal we use multiple master pages: one for the overflow, one for the T&C. The objectives of the master pages are:

  • Used for elements that need to be repeated across pages
  • Or, used for elements that appear on a specific sheet position

Thus, in our case we create a new master page that contains the Terms and Conditions page

  1. Open the existing invoice print template.
  2. Create New Master Page by right clicking on Master pages.
  3. A new master page is created. Enter the name e.g. Terms&Conditions and click OK.
  4. Doucle-click on the Terms&Conditions master page. The main editor is displayed.
  5. Insert an absolute positioned box in the main editor and set its geometry properties.
  6. Type the terms and conditions text in the box (or, use a PDF with your existing T&C!)
  7. Toggle back to the Purchase-order section (Under Contexts > Print)
  8. Right-click on the Purchase-order section and select Sheet Configuration. The Print Section Properties window is open directly on the Sheet Configuration options.
  9. Tick the Duplex option. Make sure the ‘Same for all positions‘ option is unticked.
  10. Select Terms&Conditions in Master Page Back in Single Sheet and First Sheet. The Master Page Back is kept to None for all other sheets.
  11. Important! Be sure that Front only is selected in the Allow content on in Single Sheet and First Sheet. Otherwise, the detail table overflows into the Terms&Conditions page. Click OK.
  12. Switch to Preview mode and browse through the records to see that the Terms&Conditions page appears only in the back of the first sheet of the document and not in the overflowing pages.

The following template is an example of a functional implementation.

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