OL Connect Node-RED Stack known issues

This page maintains the list of known issues with the OL Connect Node-RED stack (OLCNRS).

Uploading a file buffer to the file store

When Node-RED runs on top of NodeJS v12.13.0, there is currently an issue with the file upload node if the msg.filename property is not specified. To work around this issue, save the buffer to a file on the local system, then set the msg.filename property to that file name just before the file upload node.

Another workaround is to update NodeJS to a more recent version, where the issue does not occur. Instructions on how to update NodeJS can be found here: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/update-node-js-version#ftoc-heading-5

Serving resources from a template when creating HTML content

When serving HTML straight from a HTML content node over to an HTTP response node, there is currently no way to intercept the requests coming back from the browser to go fetch a resource inside the template. When in need of these resources (for example, to load CSS stylesheets), make sure to select the Embedded Resources option or serve your resources from a publicly available location.

This will be addressed in a later release.

Internet Explorer 11 issues

Unsurprisingly, some OLCNRS nodes currently have issues under IE 11. We recommend using an alternative browser.