Quick Overviews

A quick overview of the software followed by some detailed walkthroughs.
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This section lists all the different step-by-step How-To instructions for PlanetPress Connect.
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Walkthrough Samples

Step-by-step walkthrough guides with accompanying data samples.
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The DataMapper is a tool that converts and prepares data from multiple possible sources and formats. This course module covers the DataMapper from start to finish.
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The Designer allows the creation of a Template which will be merged with a Record Set to generate output in different formats: Print, Email and Web. We cover all of these in this course module.
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The Output Module is the one that controls output generation for all contexts. In the case of Print, it controls all aspects of printing.
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The Workflow module automates the production of output in all contexts through a simple drag and drop interface and many different available tasks.
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OL Connect Send

OL Connect Send enables the reception of PostScript jobs through an HTTP connection from anywhere around the world.
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